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Planning has always been a vital part of the success formula for any business. In the insurance business, it has never been more important for independent agents to plan for their success. Large or small, it is important that agency owners recognize the changes that have taken place in the insurance industry the past few years and the impact these changes have had, and will continue to have on their agencies. Consider the effects the following have had on agency income and agency values:


No matter the size of the agency, all agents are finding it difficult to maintain income levels due to commission cuts, higher premium volume requirements for profit sharing, insurance company consolidations, and withdrawals and lower prices, lower commission “hot products”. While income is flat, at best, expenses related to running an independent agency continue spiral upward. This two-edged sword means that agents are taking less money out of their agencies. Even so, they still have to face all the management decisions needed to keep the business going. Time spent addressing problems concerning staff, computers, accounting, company relations, and all the other issues confronting agents on a daily basis take away from his/her time needed to bring new business into the agency.

The Northwoods Corporation was created to provide an alternative solution for forward thinking independent agents who understand the need to take action now to preserve their income and their agencies’ value. By consolidation operations, the Northwoods Solution focuses on streamlining agency functions and reducing agency expenses. Consolidation of operations allows agency owners to spend their time more productively, developing marketing plans and bringing new business and income to their agencies. Working with the principals of other consolidated agencies within the Northwood’s family, agency owners are able to focus on the vital issues which impact income and value-insurance company representation, commission levels, profit sharing, marketing plans, etc.


By relieving agency principals of most management responsibilities, time is freed up for the agency owner to concentrate on those facets of the business he/she most enjoys, or to simply tale more personal time as a reward for a career of hard work. The Northwoods Solution provides agency owners with the flexibility to use their time as they see fit.

Over the 20 years of its’ existence, Northwoods has assembled a management team and support staff which is second to none in the industry. Northwoods has the support of its’ company partners who recognize the benefits the Northwoods Solution provides for them as well as for Northwoods’ agent partners. Northwoods’ customers have benefited from having additional insurance company choices for their insurance needs and the convenience of Northwoods multiple office locations throughout the Buffalo and Rochester areas.

All independent agents, large and small, need to be aware of the changes occurring in their business which will directly affect their income and agency asset value in the future. A plan of action to meet these changes head on and limit, or eliminate, the negative impact on their agencies is a must – for all agency principals.

When developing your action plan, why not consider The Northwoods Solution. For more information, please contact:

Peter Harris
Northwoods Corporation President
(716) 634-5656